A brief introduction to Graduate School of Zhengzhou University

The graduate education of Zhengzhou University began in 1978, in 1981 Zhengzhou University was entitled to award master’s and doctorate degree as one of the first authorized unites. In recent years, with the expanding of the scales of education, Zhengzhou University is constantly increasing its management level and the quality of graduates, thus it trains a large number of high-level professional talents for the country and society. The number of in-school graduates reaches at 14,000.

At present, Zhengzhou University’s fields of study cover 12 branches of learning, namely philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and art, including 62 first-level disciplines. The university has 21 first-level and 124 second-level disciplines authorized to confer doctoral degree; 55 first-level and 254 second-level disciplines to confer master’s degree; 19 professional degree programs. Zhengzhou University also admits teachers in higher institutions for in-post education for master’s degree and applicants with similar education level for master’s degree. The university has 17 post-doctorate stations; 6 national key (cultivating) disciplines; 46 first-level and 4 second-level key disciplines of Henan Province. Zhengzhou University currently has 243 doctoral advisors and 2383 master’s advisors. As for the international communication, Zhengzhou University has developed partnerships with many world-renowned universities of America, Japan, Norway, Hongkong etc.